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Camp Dress Code

Shorts and t-shirts or other casual clothing are appropriate for most camp activities. Some camp activities can get messy, so pack old clothes you don't mind getting dirty. All clothing must be modest and in good taste, as in 1 Tim. 2:9, "Christian modesty will be the rule." Therefore, the following dress code will be observed for campers, staff and volunteers:                 

  • No short skirts or shorts.

  • No two-piece swimsuits for girls, including backless tankinis. One-piece swim suits with revealing cut-outs are not allowed.

  • No Speedos, jammers, competition athletic style swim suits, or compression shorts/briefs worn as swim suits.

  • No t-shirts, caps, socks, accessories, etc. with suggestive, illegal or otherwise inappropriate pictures or wording.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times, except in the pool. No flip-flops during recreation and activities.

  • All shirts must have at least a 3-finger wide shoulder. No homemade tank tops, no ripped sleeves and open sides. No "racerback" tank-tops.

  • No undergarments should be seen, ever. Period.

  • No leggings or yoga pants.