Here is everything you need to know for your week of camp.




Here's a good list to bring: Bible, pad of paper, writing utensils, bedding, pillow, towels (beach and bath), washcloths, soap and other toiletries, warm sweater/pants, swimsuit (see dress code), old clothes, undergarments, closed-toe athletic shoes, flip-flops are OK during the day for non-recreational times, socks, pajamas, dirty laundry bag, rain gear, etc. Option items include: flashlight, camera, ball glove, musical instruments. Your child will need extra money for missions, t-shirts and water bottles.

This should go without saying, but for the record, personal electronic devices, i.e., DS, MP3 players, tablets, alcohol, tobacco of any kind, illegal drugs, firearms, knives, foul language, uncooperative attitudes, tractor-trailer rigs, intercontinental ballistic missiles, bad haircuts, chartreuse leisure suits, armadillos, Yanni CDs, lightning rods, cups of rancid yogurt, and/or life-size replicas of science fiction vehicles will not be permitted to be a part of any Hidden Haven Christian Camp activities. Anyone caught with tobacco, drugs, alcohol or weapons will be subject to immediate dismissal and forfeiture of any fees. 





We provide a bunk, shower, meals, and snacks. Please bring:

  • Bedding - pillows, sheets & blankets

  • Shower necessities

  • Towels - bath and beach

  • Personal care items

  • Closed-toe Athletic Shoes

  • Sunscreen

  • Bible

  • Extra clothes

  • Swimsuit - no two-pieces that reveal midsection

No electronic devices are allowed. DO NOT BRING a cellphone, mp3 player, tablet, etc. If these items are brought to camp, they will be confiscated until the end of that camp session.


  • Refreshing Pool

  • Giant Water Slide

  • Relaxing Campfires

  • Uplifting Chapel services

  • Encouraging Family Group discussion

  • Inspiring Quiet Time

  • Serene Boating

  • Exciting Fishing

  • Challenging 18 Hole Mini-golf & Frisbee Golf courses

  • Peaceful Nature Trails